Seiryū 青竜
Heian-jingū /Kyoto


Known as one of the 5 gods of the Onmyōdō (meaning “the Way of Yin and Yang”)
Seiryū: the Azure Dragon, representing Spring and Wood and the East direction
the others are:
* Byakko is the white tiger representing Autumn and Metal and the West direction
* Suzaku: the Vermillion Sparrow, representing Summer and Fire and the South direction
* Genbu: the Black Tortoisel, representing Winter and Water and the North direction
* Kirin: The Yellow Dragon, representing the Changing Seasons and Earth to the Center
linked to the Kuji-kiri, esoterism practice, known in Shugendo and Shingon Mikkyo
this statue is from a fountain (chozuya) located to Heian-jingu in Kyoto represented in a pair with Byakko is the white tiger, they show the east and the west