Koyasu Jizō 子安地蔵 - Bokefuji Kannon 呆け封じ観音
Todoroki / Tokyo

left: Koyasu Jizō 子安地蔵 
right: Bokefuji Kannon 呆け封じ観音
The “alpha and the omega” of the “abnormal ways of dying”
1/ Koyasu Jizō: linked to the Mizuko kuyō, which means: services for dead fetus and also dead babies, this deity is prayed to protect babies after death (the 6 realms)
2/ Bokefuji Kannon: linked to long illness which goes inespectably to unpleasant death
principal goddess related to the Pokkuri-Dera ポックリ寺, prayers for asking for a quick and painless death.