Founder and Representative of the NRHK

Born in the south of France.
Since his childhood, he has always inspired by Japanese culture, in the broadest sense of the term. 
Studying historical books (from the Nihon shigakushi to some Hyōhō), to philosophical works (from the Kyūba-no-michi to the Shoin zenshu), while practicing ancient martial arts (Iaï-jutsu, battō-jutsu).
For the past 30 years, he has been collecting and classifying information about Japaneese's history.

In term of scholarship: from vocational certificates to an Engineering Doctorate, through a Master of Science in Engineering and  an Advanced Master:
* Member of selective IQ Societies, focused on creativity: ISI-S, WIN
* His historical approach follows a scientific process, while involving high technologies, but always consolidated by different historical sources.

The creation of the NRHK, for its part, follows various wishes, described in 17 objectives:
* Offering, for free and without any distinctions: knowledge according to the ancient principles of terakoya 寺子屋 (created by the Ven. Kōbō-Daishi  on the 9th century).
* Promoting the history of Japan to the nearest of the truth.
* Classifying and connecting the different fields: form arts (Jutsu 術), traditions (Kogei 工芸), Japanese mythology (Nihon shinwa 日本 神話) to historical events.
* Using high technologies on the fields of 360° videos, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Photogrammetry. Allowing informations to be more popularized.
* Actively involving younger generations, by the NRHK's Edu-Tainment project (Historical photogrammetry / 3D Printing) :  On continuity of the knowledge of the past for a better preservation.